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IELTS Speaking Tips: How can I raise my IELTS speaking score?

Tip 1: In Part 1, the questions will mostly be about familiar topics: personal information and daily life. Take the opportunity to relax, adjust to the examiner and answer the questions as naturally as possible.

Tip 2: Candidates shouldn't just provide one-word answers in Part 1, but it isn't necessary to stretch one question out for minutes either! The answer to 'Do you have any brothers or sisters?' should not be as short as 'Yes', nor as long as 'My eldest sister is 5 feet 2 inches tall and her birthday is 7 weeks after mine. I last saw her at New Year, together with my younger sister, who has long dark hair and blue eyes and who works a nurse, and my brother, who ... (etc.)!'. Again, be natural. Neither of those responses would feel right in an interview or other semi-formal exchange, would they? For different questions, slightly longer or shorter answers will be appropriate. Part 1 takes 4 to 5 minutes in total.

Tip 3: Avoid giving "rehearsed" answers. Examiners can recognise these very easily. Prepare and practise for the Speaking test but do not over-prepare.

Tip 4: Focus on meaningful interaction rather than the display of language. Remember to make eye contact and use your face and body language to help communication.

Tip 5: Practise with a friend and record your speaking. This will help you to find your weak points and improve. Listen for bad speaking habits such as repeating words or sounds when you are thinking, overuse of certain words (like "so" or "for example") and basic grammar errors. Your friend can also tell you about nervous habits, poor body language and whether you are speaking loudly enough.

Tip 6: You should practise speaking English every day. Talk to yourself if nobody else is available. Practice both the test format and everyday speaking.

Tip 7: Listen to the news and read magazines and newspapers in English as much as possible. This will not only help your language but also give you ideas of what to talk about.

(You can also order practice materials from www.ielts.org.)

How To Improve Your English (and raise your IELTS score)

English Listening

English Speaking

English Reading

English Writing

Spoken English – Stress Timing (a quick way to raise your IELTS speaking score)

Saying every word clearly leads to poor spoken English!

Good speech comes from stressing the right words – this is because English is a time-stressed language.

Here's how:

Spoken English focuses on specific stressed words while moving quickly over the other, non-stressed, words.

Stressed words are usually important information words: nouns e.g. kitchen, Peter, verbs e.g. visit, stand, adjectives e.g. beautiful, interesting, adverbs e.g. often, carefully.

Non-stressed words are usually grammar words: e.g. the, a, am, were, before, of, but, they, she.

Read the following sentence aloud: The beautiful mountain stood alone in the distance.

Read the following sentence aloud: He can come on Sunday if he doesn't have to do any homework in the evening.

Even though the second sentence is approximately 30% longer than the first, the sentences take the same time to speak. This is because there are five stressed words in each sentence.

Stressed words are spoken with a higher pitch and more slowly than non-stressed words.

The vowel sounds in non-stressed words often change to /ə/. Listen to the vowel sound in "can" in "He can come on Sunday ...". Compare the vowel sound in "man" with "postman".

When listening to native speakers, focus on how those speakers stress certain words and begin to copy this.

English Learning Resources (to raise your IELTS score)

English Speaking

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English Writing

English Reading

English Vocabulary

English Grammar

Fun With English

Communicate With Other Students



Jan is an excellent teacher, who has helped me to achieve my goal. Eventually, I achieved an 8.5 in IELTS Academic, with 8.5 for Speaking, which is a great result for me. I highly recommend Jan to everyone who is searching for a highly qualified and inspirational teacher.

~Katerina, Moscow

I received my IELTS score today. Without your input it would have not been possible to score the desired marks in speaking section. Thank you very much for all the guidance and feedback provided.

~Subhrajit, India

I had IELTS classes (Speaking Part) with Jan. She is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Not only did she help me achieve a high score, but she virtually brought my spoken English to a new level.

~Andrew, Moscow

I would like to thank you for your professional approach to students and an excellent explanation of material! Your lessons were very useful for me and I could increase my band score in Speaking part from 5.5 to 7.0! My overall score is 6.5, that means I can start my study! I'm so happy.

~Svetlana, USA

To be honest, I tried a lot of teachers in my life and I always had the same feeling. They were more interested in my money rather than removing my bad accent or I think I should say my perfect Spanish accent. So in the end I thought I had to open my mind and try something online. When I started to receive the first lessons with Jan I felt that she was too old to teach but I was completely wrong. She had the ability to encourage me to study English again... like a kid. She knows a lot of web sites where you can practise her tips and feel that English is not so difficult. My advice is to try it. She has a lot of experience. You may think that it's expensive but it's worth every penny. Trust me!!!

~Karra, Spain (now in Coventry, UK)

I had a great experience of having IELTS exam preparation lessons with Jan. My goal was to achieve 7.5, and together we managed to improve my English level significantly within a very short period of time, just about one month. So, I was able to reach my desired result. I was really impressed by Jan's professional knowledge, patience and ability to turn such a hard piece of work into an enjoyable pastime. I learned a lot of really valuable hints for a successful speaking test. Moreover, it turned out that they are also important for everyday communication, as I have moved to an English-speaking country now.

~Natalia, Moscow/Auckland

Hi everyone! I like the way Jan teaches. She is a strong professional. I have improved my speaking and writing skills as well as my listening skill. She gave me good examples, easy for understanding English grammar. I liked our lessons very much.

~Nick, Russia, Moscow

Together with Jan we prepared for IELTS. All lessons were very useful for us. We discussed a lot of topics that are related to the exam. We learnt to keep up the conversation and communicate our ideas in English. Jan is an excellent, skilled teacher and an interesting interlocutor. Her lessons helped us to feel confident at the exam and to pass it successfully.

~Dmitry and Evgeniya, Russia

I believe the IELTS classes with Jan were quite beneficial to me, but you have to be prepared for hard work :).

Most importantly, given Jan's IELTS experience, you can be assured that your time won't be wasted!

~Vadim aka Meeky, Moscow, Russia

I sat IELTS again in August 2013 as I needed a higher band score to proceed with my long-term goals. I did not have any doubts concerning whom I would like to have as my English teacher, since I knew Jan and was absolutely confident in the excellent quality of her lessons. All my exam preparation took about 1.5 months. During this period I spent as much time on English practice as I could (2-3 hours daily plus all weekends) because I was continuing working full time. Jan is simply the best tutor you can find to help you with IELTS preparation. All aspects of speaking were addressed: accent reduction, vocabulary enrichment, time stress, and intonation in English -- you name it. Different techniques were used to reach the desired improvement, and every minute of our lessons was busy and useful. As a bonus was an invaluable piece of advice on writing that highlighted the most important test requirements, which incidentally I could not get from any tutors whose specialty was IELTS writing tasks checking. And my results were astonishing: overall score 8.5 with an incredible 9.0 for speaking! So if you plan to take IELTS, or just want to "tune up" your English, I highly recommend Jan as the best English tutor. Be prepared to work hard and make clear goals which you need to achieve -- and the miracle will definitely occur :)

~Natalia, Auckland/NZ

Learning English with Jan is definitely a pleasant journey. Her strong yet solid analysis of grammar differentiates her from other so called 'native speakers'. That does not mean she teaches 'old-fashioned English' or 'Classroom English'. She can lead you to different aspects, ranging from social occasions, academic papers, professional communications, workplace English, and most importantly, IELTS preparation. If you want to be a fluent and educated speaker, come join Jan's class.

~Michael, Hong Kong


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